Uniquely Designed 

Just as every composer approaches his or her score differently, every session that we hold is also uniquely designed to tailor to the needs of each project. While we do employ time tested, standard methods of orchestral recording production, we are also eager to entertain any unorthodox / experimental production techniques which may enhance your production. Intense, close-miked positions for a tighter sound, or a more minimal, ambient mic pattern for a more traditional sound - or both; whatever your needs are, we can make it happen. 

Remote Sessions

Can't attend the session, but would like to be directly involved? Not a problem. The Youngstown Scoring Stage implements "Source Connect", which allows our clients real-time access to a direct monitoring feed of the session. Clients can speak directly with the conductor and engineers while on the platform, monitor the takes, etc., as well as watch a direct feed of the conductor via webcam.

(Note: some technical applications may be required on the end of the client). 


Many composers may be understandably intimidated by the production process. Having one's work performed by a professional orchestra (especially if for the first time) is an overwhelming experience in and of itself, let alone obtaining knowledge about production. We are happy to provide free, ongoing consultations to all of our clients in regards to the production process. We love talking about it with our clients, it's what we do! All clients are invited to participate in the production process as much - or as little - as desired. 

Example of a typical, smaller microphone configuration.

Example of a typical, smaller microphone configuration.

Post Production 

Once the project has been recorded, it is then prepared for post production mixing and editing. If clients do not have their own post production team available for their projects, we are more than happy to consult with them concerning our additional post production services and resources. We are always happy to prepare the final tracks for delivery in whatever format is preferred, with the DAW of your choice. 

Microphone Selection

Below are a few selections from our ever-expanding microphone locker. (We are able to obtain specific microphones upon request).

  • Neumann U87 (2) 
  • CAD E200 (5) 
  • AKG 414 
  • AKG TL II 
  • CAD E100 (6) 
  • CAD E300 (5) 
  • AKG C3000 (2) 
  • AKG C1000 (7) 
  • Audio Technica 3035 (2) 
  • Oktava 319 
  • Electrovoice RE 20 (2) 
  • Rode NTSS (2) 
  • Groove Tube GT 1 
  • AKG 451 
  • Sony ECM 33F 
  • AJG D12E 
  • Oktava MC 12 
  • Resio R.B. Ribbon 
  • Sennheiser 441U (2) 
  • Sibt C37 A 
  • Sony C37 P (4) 
  • Sony C48